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    Order space is subordinate to Guangzhou headquarters of "Star Art Decoration Group", the leader of home decoration industry, with double-A national design and construction qualification. Since its establishment, our team has made outstanding achievements in the field of high-end private houses and commercial complex design based on 29 years' experience of a large number of high-quality engineering projects, relying on efficient organizational structure and refined operation mode, leading the industry in design level.



    We rely on our strong ability of resource integration and space design control to provide customers with integrated design consulting services and management services, including space design, home furnishing, home art, decoration implementation, etc. We have established a team service system with the design director as the core of the project, and the special designers such as structure, electromechanical, landscape and soft decoration work together. Relying on the perfect material supply chain and professional decoration management system of Star art group, we have achieved the core competitiveness of "order space".


    Standing on the new development starting point, we take "order space" as the core design concept of the firm, and always adhere to the sense of order under the power of design rationality, which is an ideal means to improve the current space. We focus on the original space solutions with unique design and high quality. At present, we have many successful real estate projects such as Zhujiang New Town, Yihe golf, poly Golf County, Coral Bay, Qiaojian Yuxi Valley, huabiaofeng Lake Yujing, etc.


    Every hard work is a combination of space exploration and innovation and inheritance. In our dedicated creation, we realize the value beyond the space by design, respect the differentiated space and the needs of different customers, and present the "appropriate" design and construction with rich late landing experience, which is the fresh and real temperature of the brand and continues to inherit.


    We adhere to the idea of creating excellent space and are highly recognized by the market. At the same time, our works have also won many authoritative professional design awards at home and abroad, including the gold medal for residential engineering in the CIID China Interior Design Grand Prix, the Asia Pacific Interior Design Grand Prix (APIDA), the gold medal for residential design in the China Interior Design Grand Prix, the gold medal for comprehensive index in the China original home design competition, and the Guangzhou architectural decoration Design competition gold medal, etc.


    TEL: 020-33884 4643
    ADD: 廣州市天河區體育東路財富廣場東塔六樓

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